The u.s. ambassador in Brazil, Todd Chapman, does not mince words and warns the main economy in Latin America: click Huawei to build its network infrastructure 5G may cause consequences.

The USA are not new to this kind of suggestions – have done so with Italy -, then it is not surprising that this stance very clear, and, if you want, aggressive. The intervention of Chapman happened in the course of an interview with the head, Or Globe, and was accompanied by an immediate attempt to dampen the tones; the ambassador stressed that Brazil will not suffer reprisals for this choice, but will have to take care of their responsibilities and fronteggiarne the consequences.

But what can be the consequences? Chapman was very clear on this point; companies that have intellectual property are afraid to invest in countries where this is not safeguarded. Brazil is, of course, between these, however, the choice to introduce an infrastructure 5G based on technology from Huawei might lead to the creation of this scenario, given that the United States believe that the company will be used by the chinese government to gain access to the secrets of the States in which it is present.

Of course, the home of Shenzhen rejects every accusation; not that this is enough to convince the USA. Which can, thus, be the real alternative to Huawei? Chapman reminds us that the United States has allocated a fund us $ 60 billion intended to help the allies that they want to purchase the technological infrastructure from a trusted partner. In short, the plan is very clear: to block the advance of Huawei, at any cost, taking charge of part of the additional costs that this choice could cause.