Even if the news does not make headlines, Tim Cook has confirmed that the processors Apple Silicon have been developed only for the Mac and will not be provided to other producers.

During the financial conference Q3 2020, Tim Cook, while not going into detail, he did understand that the technology developed by Apple for its ARM processors custom, which will debut on the Mac at the end of the year will not be granted for other producers:

I don’t want to risk a “for ever”, but we are a product company, and we do everything in-house. For this, we will not share the technology with other manufacturers to monetize it. If we can control the user experience, starting from the processors, with the goal of delight, then we will achieve great results. This is the reason why we developed the Apple Silicon, because we can imagine the products that would otherwise not have been able to develop. And this is the only reason.

Tim Cook also added that the move to Apple Silicon will soon have a common architecture to all of the products made by the company, by increasing “the interested things that we can do.“