We are in the midst of transition, with Huawei, which is pushing strong on the acceleratoreper provide new buyers a virtual store that is at the height of the two main competitors. But it will still be a long time before crossing the finish line, and until then you’ll need to be patient to inform themselves of, and to add another piece after the other in this great puzzle game.

All of this relates, of course, also Honor, spinoff that has its own life but is, of course, inextricably linked to the mother house. To realize this content and to study the applications, updates, and new arrivals in the official store we worked on an Honor 9X Pro, one of the latest solutions with camera pop-up and HMS.

It must, however, report that some App/QuickApp are sometimes found to be unavailable for this terminal, while for all other Huawei with HMS (for example, FreeNow, Telegram or Justeat). Honor will then need to keep up with the updates if it wants to remain competitive, especially in this particularly delicate moment.


The house of Shenzhen is meanwhile the undisputed leader of the mobile market in chinese shares that have improbable: 46 percent of the total (with the brand Huawei, and Honor), in countertrend with respect to all the direct competition that has instead been reduced to the slice of expertise. A domain is difficult, indeed, impossible to abroad, where the ban imposed by the administration, Trump has effectively made it impossible for the sales of terminals with the Google Mobile Services; and therefore no PlayStore and download the applications entrusted to their own AppGallery.

In Italy the trend is down, with the latest estimates drawn up by Strategy Analytics are talking about a second place behind Samsung in the end of the first quarter of 2020 with a 27% market share (but 27% less than units sold compared to Q1 2019). This is of course a cumulative percentage that covers both devices GMS both HMS (Huawei Mobile Services), is not, in fact, know what slice of the smartphone sold with only the AppGallery pre-installed. Unofficial sources have told us that there were “thousands of pieces” are already in circulation in our country, a statement that is confirmed by our internal data.

Thus was born this book, which will be prepared on a monthly basis, a way to communicate with all those who purchase or have already purchased a device HMS and want to remain updated about new applications (quick app) folded on the AppGallery. But first of all let’s explain what are the solutions in the game, rimandandovi to the our complete guide for the initial setup and first steps.

A stratagem useful to be able to take advantage of some of the app is to use the web application, or the Quick App. Some services, in fact, can be used in a way similar to the applications going from web site in mobile version. A possibility offered by the App Gallery is to create quick links to web services application via so-called Quick App.

And simply do a search inside the App Gallery, if the app is available as a Quick App, you can open it very quickly, and create a folder on the home screen with all the shortcuts. We are in this way able to conveniently use these services:

  • Airbnb
  • Justeat
  • Uber

With regard to the Web Application not present in the form of a Quick App, that is not accessible through the App Gallery, you can follow a simple procedure. It is simply shortcuts to any mobile sites, not much more.

Go to the web site of the service that you want to use, let’s take the example of Trip Advisor. Log in to your personal space. You can reach the site with the browser of the Huawei, but also with others such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. In all cases, look for the menu and select “add to Home screen”. Confirm on the next screen and immediately in the Home you have a quick link to enter on the website Trip Advisor, with lots of icon. The experience will not be the same but it’s still a shortcut credible.

Let’s start from here, from the most used applications in the world that allow us to keep in touch and talk in complete freedom. They are certainly the most sought after, some of these are not yet in the AppGallery, but can be downloaded directly from the official website. Among the big failings we still Linkedin, not yet present in any form, and the only alternative is the network download of the APK file, but we do not recommend use store, third parties of dubious reliability.


If you have not made the transition from your old smartphone will basteràcercare Facebook in theApp Gallery, by tapping on the icon you will be redirected on official website to download the app in the apk format. Press the “Download” and then “ok” in the confirmation window to download. When the download is complete tap on the notification and proceed with the installation. In just a few seconds, the application will be installed and ready for login.

With the same procedure you can also download Facebook Messenger. To be sure to receive push notifications, you can enter in the settings – battery – start-up app, and clear Facebook and Messenger from the list of managed apps automatically. In this way, will be excluded from the energy-saving functions. Updates will be reported always from the App Gallery, for each update you’ll have to repeat the steps of the first installation.


Finally available, but as QuickApp, which is not necessarily bad news seen that it works very well and graphically it seems quite similar to the official App. Just login with your account and click on the three dots in the top right, so as to add on your homescreen an icon and reach the social network with a twist.


Nothing more simple, you can download them and keep them updated directly from the AppGallery. Here, move over as if you were on the PlayStore: search on the AppGallery, download, and install. When there will be updates can be visible to you directly from the virtual store.


Thus, as the Telegram even Snapchat is already available on the App Gallery, you can simply search for it within the store Huawei, download and install it. Nothing special compared to what we are already used to doing on the Android smartphone. The same is true of TIKTOK that is already ready to be installed from the App Gallery.


The download and installation of the most popular messaging app is simple, however, it is less immediate to the passing of the chat from the previous smartphone. Let’s see how to do it.

Searched for WhatsApp from the App Gallery, you will then be directed to the official website from where you can download just the apk file and then install it by tapping on the notification of download complete. Confirm the required permissions, and wait for the end of the installation process, will be sufficient in a few seconds. At this point you can already begin to use WhatApp without restoring the old conversations, but if you want to keep such information do not open the app and proceed as described in this article (chapter: “the app to be used from the outset”).


New arrived, available as an official app, it works perfectly like on Android and iOS devices, you simply download it and login to your account.


Available from as little as QuickApp, it is what has already been said for Twitter: the platform works correctly and without delays, can be added to your homescreen to boot as if it were a normal application. Alternatively, you may download it from the Amazon AppStore.

The waiver of Google Maps is implicit, unless you want to use it through the browser, but the alternatives are not lacking, and in recent months got excellent solutions.


Both services different from Google Maps, but extremely well made. Here We Go has a similar philosophy to the app, the big G, and proposes the interface easy and effective, clear in graphics, but rich in the possibilities. With respect to Maps is less focused on the exploration and is more attentive to the directions and the navigation in the car. Some services on the public transport but on the whole it does a good job not to regret Google. Allows you to download complete maps offline, but not all of the countries in the world are available.

Maps.me is very strong in China and is one of the few apps always reliable around the world because it is based completely on the offline navigation. Integrated within some of the guides to visit the countries. When the internet is there is a salvation, but you must renounce to the most modern functions of the navigation app, such as viewing traffic in real-time or planning detailed itineraries.


New entry, this is a classic navigator that offers alternative routes for our movements thus providing the most rapid, the options are not numerous, and, even offers the ability to check toll roads, highways and unpaved roads are missing, for example, the information on the ZTL area. To the rest performs very well in its task, it reports any potential hazards, the tutor and the camera.


Available as an application in the AppGallery, allows you to make reservations and search for hours all over the national territory (where they work). For trains, there are other alternatives:

  • Trainline (App)
  • Trenit! (App)
  • Trenitalia (QuickApp)


One of the online tools used in Europe and in Italy for flight search, which is available as an official app, though it is not the best time to travel by airplane, you can certainly find them useful with the other of the services offered. For those who can not, however, give up to fly here are the other Apps available:

  • Alitalia (QuickApp)
  • Ryanair (App)
  • Vueling (App)
  • Eurowings (App)
  • AirEuropa (App)
  • Etihad Airways (App)


This as QuickApp, immediately asks a registration to the platform and once logged in it works correctly, you can easily handle the booking of our travel. Other solutions:

  • Uber (QuickApp)
  • itTaxi (App)
  • Blablacar (QuickApp)

Always useful in these cases download the Amazon AppStore and get access to some third-party applications, among these, of course, the First Video that works properly and with all the options available. On the contrary, we can unfortunately say for Netflix, which is limited due to the lack of the system of protection of digital content (DRM), Google called Widevine and still not available to download if not using store third parties. Among the new arrivals include:

  • Sport Mediaset (App)
  • The Mediaset Play (QuickApp)
  • Rayplay (App)
  • RayPlay Radio (App)
  • Radio Deejay (App)
  • Radio 105 (App)
  • Radio Italy (App)
  • RTL 102.5 (App)
  • Dazn (WebApp)

In extremis is to be added, in these last hours , the application of Chili – Movie and TV Series, as well as QuickApp, and now more complete with the software final.

A little more complex than the question of gaming, with the AppGallery that counts a number of titles and some absence excellent, I think all Call of Duty Mobile. Inside the store we find, however, some interesting titles such as Rise of Empires, Asphalt 9, Lords Mobile, Garena Free Fire and the installation program Provided, that access to the game’s most talked about among very young people (and not only).

To be able to play the game instead of Real Racing 3, PubG Mobile and Clash of Clans, you have to pass once again from Amazon AppStore; once downloaded and logged in with his credentials, will be easy to download the applications.

Interesting news in this field, considered to be one of the most important and sensitive in the mobile environment. You can check your account balance, perform movements and other similar operations it is now common to so many of us, it will be crucial to the Huawei bridge as soon as this gap. Positive signal to the input of the so-called fintech, but there are still distinguished, which we hope to see soon:

  • Ubi Banca (App)
  • Banca Sella (App)
  • Intesa Sanpaolo (WebApp)
  • Hype (Hype)
  • Satispay (App)
  • EasyPol (App)

Then there are useful applications that do not fall into any of the categories mentioned above, but not for this less important. Online shopping, for example, has exploded in the past months because of the quarantine and of the impossibility of physically in dedicated facilities. That are objects or clothing does not matter, this segment seems to be already well covered , and if you are looking for the house, two of the most important portals are already present.

  • Home.it (App)
  • Real estate.it (App)
  • Zalando (QuickApp)
  • Berska (App)
  • Zara (App)
  • Now (App)
  • Amazon Shopping (App)
  • Aliexpress (App)
  • MyVodafone (App)

Article realized in collaboration with Honor