Splinter Cell will become a new animated series for Netflix. The behemoth of streaming shows so to further invest on the content drawn from the world of video games: he did it with The Witcher and Castlevania (now in its third season) and prepares to re-propose this approach even with the series shooting from the platform/shoot ‘ em up, Cuphead.

According to Variety, Derek Kolstad, known for the franchise, John Wick, will be the screenwriter and executive producer. The series would be composed of a total of 16 episodes, divided in 2 seasons.

Although at the moment details are few, and Ubisoft all is silent, the fans of the video game will probably be happy to know that you will be able to relive the on-screen adventures of secret agent Sam Fisher in the animated version – if the results will be worthy of the expectations, of course.

It is still a mystery the films scheduled for the screening room, which is spoken of for years now. If the adaptation with actors in flesh and bones not has, therefore, had a lot of luck, we hope to be able to say otherwise with the animated series.