The next Apple Watch will bring with it the news that everyone was waiting for: the sensor for the monitoring of oxygen in the blood.

Apple Watch 6

We have spoken about it many times, and more and more confirmations converge in this direction: Apple Watch Series 6 should integrate a sensor for monitoring oxygen in the blood.

In detail, the report from Digitimes talks of a deal between Apple and ASE Technology for the production of the new generation of the Apple Watch, and cites in particular the presence of a SpO2 sensor, as it was supposed that already from the traces unearthed watchOS 7.

No compatibility with previous models, although a recent debate, he spoke of the hypothesis of exploiting these measurements from the same sensor to monitor the heartbeat via a software update. According to the latter information, however, will almost certainly need dedicated hardware, and Apple Watch Series 6 should receive the features exclusive.

The measurements of this sensor will help users to understand if the oxygenation of the blood occurs correctly, excluding – in good part – issues in load of the respiratory system and, consequently, cardiac, and cerebral. An important impact, not to be underestimated, lies in the particular historical period in which we are living because of the pandemic by COVID-19. A domestic purposes always to the wrist can help users to monitor any respiratory failure due to the virus Sars-CoV-2 or see the first signs.

We have seen that Apple posticiperà the launch of the iPhone 12 in a few weeks, and we assume that the same fate will happen also to the Apple Watch 6. In any case, in the fall we will finally discover the new smartwatch of Cupertino and all of its features.

If you do not want to wait then the arrival of the new Apple Watch 6 to monitor the level of oxygen in the blood, we recommend a pair of pulse oximeters now available on Amazon.