Apple has confirmed explicitly that his partner had admitted between the lines (the references go to Qualcomm and Broadcom) and that the various rumors have claimed in the past few weeks. The line of smartphones, the iPhone 12 will come on the market with few weeks of delay with respect to the period usually chosen from the house of Cupertino to renew its smartphone offering.

The information was provided by the CFO of Apple, Luca Maestri, during the meeting with investors held on the sidelines of the communication of the financial results for the third quarter:

Last year, we started selling the new iPhone at the end of September, this year, we expect stocks to be available a few weeks after

The delay is there, but, according to the manager, it will be a few weeks. Back then validates the hypothesis of an arrival on the market in the month of October. To specify that the CFO speaks expressly of sales.

There can, therefore, exclude the possibility that Apple decides to introduce the iPhone 12 before the actual availability on the market even if the Company, by tradition, do not particularly like let spend a large time interval between the launch and the start of the sales. A similar scenario occurred with the iPhone X presented in September 2017, together with the iPhone 8, but arrived on shelves only in November, due to some production problems.

Apple has not confirmed the reasons behind the delays, but it is likely that the cause is attributable to the impact of the pandemic on the supply chain of the suppliers.