How to buy the dashcam Lanmodo Vast Pro with 71% off @BitFeedCo.

The evolution of the technology of cameras has made them out to such an extent as to create many new products of great utility. From the charts cameras for the smartphone to those of the action cam, passing through the security cameras and coming to the dashcam for the car. About the dashcam to the car, we discovered a fantastic offer concerning the Lanmodo Vast Pro that can be purchased with 71% discount.

Before jumping in the characteristics of the dashcam in question, and the super offer, for those who don’t know a dashcam serves to monitor the video recording of our car trips, returning particularly useful in the event of an accident. In this case, you have a test video of what happened, what the insurance value in determining who is at fault of the accident. Obviously all the video footage they never leave the dashcam, ensuring confidentiality and privacy at the highest levels.

Lanmodo Vast Pro – The features

With regard to the Lanmodo Vast Pro, unlike other dashcam on the market, is equipped with a large color LCD display with Full HD resolution with which to control the video shooting made by a camera with a viewing angle of 45° and the infrared night vision of up to 300 metres.

The video sequences are recorded automatically in a microSD card to 128 GB (included in the package), with the support of the “loop recording”, which allows you to overwrite old footage automatically when the memory fills up.

In addition, there is a “G-force sensor” that recognizes the strong decellerazioni (typically caused by heavy braking or accidents) and automatically blocks the video clip making it easy to track down with the PC.

To conclude, there is also the support for the parking sensors with a second camera with a viewing angle of 170° (in this case, the Lanmodo Vast Pro must be connected to the port to the car’s OBD), whose video is shown, of course, on the display of the dashcam.

How to buy Lanmodo Vast Pro with 71% off

Engineers Lanmodo Vast Pro are about to start a campaign crowfounding on Indiegogo to raise the funds necessary for the realization of this dashcam that they wish to sell to 619 euros. However, they have also launched a promotion, to become a Goldem Member at a cost of just 10 euros, with which to enjoy certain advantages, including the purchase of the Lanmodo Vast Pro to 199 euro.

In case you are interested in the purchase of a Lanmondo Vast Pro, taking advantage of a 71% discount and priority on Indiegogo, you can just click on this link which will take you directly to the page.

How to buy the dashcam Lanmodo Vast Pro with 71% off @BitFeedCo.