At the heart of the Xbox Gaming Showcase last week, there was above all a title: Halo Infinite. On the shoulders of Master Chief, there was all the hype for the next generation, sponsored by Microsoft, but the nature of cross-gen title (which is the exit to the Xbox One) has probably prevented to shine under the technical profile.

A week later began to emerge the true face of the new Halo, that will not be a simple as a new chapter, but a platform that is destined to last over the years, to update, change and grow with the community that populates it. All information coming directly from the developers of 343 Industries, who today, with a post on the official blog of the game (can be found at the link in the SOURCE), to the mouth of the community manager John Junyszek are back on the controversy related to the graphics, which many have found it too “flat”.

On this subject, the discourse is bifurcated. There is the purely technical , which, according to Junyzsek, since we are talking about a game in development at the time of the official launch will be improved and cleaned up:and the whole team is constantly working in this direction. Even if you hardly we will see radical changes, considering that the development is, yes, still in progress, but in one its advanced stage. Those of 343 Industries, however, have recorded the feedback of the community: and therefore do not escape what is now the mascot of the discontent of the fans for the graphics shown.

We are talking about Craig, the polygonal model of an enemy that is caught in a frame accurate ago think of all the except that the next-gen. Junyzsek stated that “we all laughed at much of the rain meme on Craig that the community is wreaking”.

The other part of the discourse regarding theart direction: in this sense, Junyszek confirms that there is a precise choice of the team to return to a clarity view, close to the very first Halo, with a color palette more vibrant, polygonal models more crisp and easier to identify. All changes that maybe just watching it, the game, can satisfy the eye, but then will have an effect on gameplay making the action on screen much more readable: and actually the last Halo they were a bit too confusing.

Beyond the official information, today in the network there are check the other, which appeared to error on the website of a dealer in irish, Smyth”s Toys, and then removed.

In the page dedicated to the Xbox Series X, in fact, there was a short article dedicated to Halo Infinite, where it was mentioned on two all-new features: support for 120 fps, and the presence of a multiplayer free-to-play. 343 Industries, in the blog post, has announced that the multiplayer mode is far from being completed, because of the difficulties posed by the pandemic, which slowed down the process of development: in spite of this, there is still hope to be able to show it before the launch. Perhaps the project is particularly ambitious, and Microsoft brand Halo wants to occupy an important position in the huge market of fps free-to-play, including giants such as Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone and Valorant?