The latest stable release of Google Chrome for Android has started to receive two new features: they were both already been spotted in the past few weeks in the beta versions, where they could be activated by enabling a special flag in chrome://flags.

The distribution of the innovations is the game in the past: with every probability of a server-side activation, so there may be needed some days before the release reaches all the devices.


Google Chrome now has a new user interface for tabs on the internet , which simplifies the use of the web browser one hand.

The function, known as the “Conditional Tab Strip” flag to Chrome beta for Android, lets you group all your open tabs in the lower part of the UI. The various tabs can easily be identified thanks to the special favicon of the site. A further click will ultimately close the tab quickly.

The second and the last news we had spoken only a few weeks ago: it is essentially a major revamp, graphic , addressed to the user interface for the auto-complete of the password.

The new design uses a layout much more in step with the times and is characterized by a menu vertical slide that takes advantage of, according to need, the whole available space on the screen. The new UI is available on all our devices with the version 84.0.4147.111 of Chrome for Android.

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