Tim Cook: “Apple treats all developers the same way”

Yesterday, Tim Cook answered some questions on the policies of the App Store during the hearing of the antitrust subcommittee of the judicial antitrust Chamber of the United States.

Apple has been accused by some developers to apply arbitrarily the rules of the App Store, modifying them to his liking in order to benefit to the detriment of developers, both large and small.

In response, Cook said that Apple treats all developers in the same way, with rules in an open and transparent:

“We both value privacy and quality. We review every app, but the rules apply evenly to all.“

Cook was asked about the reduction in fees for apps such as Amazon Prime, which according to the CEO are available for “anyone who fulfils the conditions“. The commission continued by asking if the company uses data collected from the App Store to decide if it would be advantageous to develop an app competitor, but Cook has ignored the last question.

Finally, he was also asked what prevented Apple to increase potentially the commissions on the App Store. The CEO has stated that there is a competition to attract developers, just as there is a competition to attract customers, comparing the battle of developers to a “street fight for the share of the market.“

There is competition for developers, just as there is a competition for customers. And so the competition for developers, they can write their apps to Android, Windows phone, Xbox or PlayStation. We have a strong competition on the part of developers and customers. In substance, it is so competitive that I would describe as a street fight for the market share in the field of smartphones.

Cook also said that Apple is not responding or is opposed to the app developers who do not agree with the rules of the App Store.

“It is against the corporate culture”.