Netflix reaches 1 billion downloads from the Play Store @BitFeedCo.

Netflix has just entered the exclusive club of applications that have been downloaded over 1 billion times from the Google Play Store. This is an excellent result for the service that aligns to the various app of Google, WhatsApp and Facebook.

There is, however, the app Netflix is pre-installed in many new smartphones, so it is not really 1 billion downloads but 1 billion installations.

Netflix is bundled on some devices, OnePlus, and Samsung, which greatly improves the numbers. That said, give it a good chance that many of these downloads would be the same (maybe in a few months) even if the app was not pre-installed: after all, Netflix is still the biggest streaming service on a global level.

Remember that Netflix for Android offers many interesting features, including:

  • We continuously add TV series and movies. Browse the new titles or search for your favorites, then play them directly from your device.
  • The more titles you watch, the easier it will be for Netflix to suggest movies and TV series that would meet your preferences.
  • You can create up to five profiles for each account. The profiles allow each family member to experience a Netflix custom.
  • Enjoy a TV experience suitable for smaller children, with an offer for the whole family.
  • Watch short previews of our series and movies. Stay informed of new episodes and releases.
  • Reduce the data consumption. Download titles on your mobile device and watch them offline, wherever you are

In case you would like to download the app of Netflix, just click on our link below which will take you directly to the dedicated page on the Play Store.

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Netflix reaches 1 billion downloads from the Play Store @BitFeedCo.