The launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator is more and more near: today, July 30th, has arrived in the closed beta, while the output of the title for the PC is scheduled for August 18. Not so for the Xbox One, which instead will come in a second time, still unknown. Developers Asobo Studio have made it known to be engaged in an impressive work of optimizing, at the same time has helped them improve the PC version. Maybe the title will soar with the next-gen Xbox Series X, this fall? We’ll see, and it will be nice to see, because we’re talking about a title that, in terms of technical promises to impress. And to do it in Virtual Reality.

The nature of realism but at the same time relaxed and in some ways the contemplative of the game lends itself very easily to be seen through the VR visor. All those issues that spoil the gameplay more traditional, beginning with those related to the movement of the character and of the camera, which can generate motion sickness – for friends: nausea – in this case, seem to disappear to leave space to a new level of realism and immersion.

The support of Virtual Reality, one of the most requested features of the fan, will come by the end of the year with an update free of charge. It seems, however, that the implementation, at least in the early stages, it will be linked to the new display of HP, the Reverb, the G2, which will accompany the launch: then the functionality will then be enabled for other viewers. The timing, at the moment, are still indefinite.