The presentation of the line smartphone iPhone 12 is one of the topics most discussed in recent times. Apple renews annually offer iPhone announcing the new models in the month of September, but the 2020 is a special year because of the pandemic and could not exclude the hypothesis of a slip of the launch date.

The rumors on the subject have not been entirely consistent – there are those who argue, for example, that the launch event remains fixed for the month of September – but when to provide new clues are partner companies of Apple, then the hypothesis of the delay assumes more importance.

Commenting on the results of its last fiscal quarter (Q3 2020) Qualcomm has suggested delays for the iPhone 12 Apple. The company expects that the revenue of its fourth fiscal quarter (covering the months of July, August and September) will be in part influenced by the delay of the launch of a smartphone flagship 5G. There is an explicit mention of iPhone 12, but the reference is quite clear.

In an interview with Reuters, the chief financial officer of Qualcomm, Akash Palkkhiwala, he added that it is a slight delay that moves the sales of some units of the chip from the quarter of September to December. When Qualcomm speaks of the December quarter refers to the period between October and December, so it is possible that the arrival of the iPhone 12 can also take place in October, as was expected from previous rumors.

The forecast for Qualcomm echo those of another partner, Apple: also Broadcom has suggested to June that the usual increase in revenue resulting from the launch of the new iPhone this year will not occur in the September quarter but in the next (October, November, December). Broadcom had given rise to the hypothesis of the launch of the iPhone 12 to October.

Beyond the indications given of the suppliers and returning to the world of the rumor incurred by the leaker more or less credited, the date of October, it came in a recent tweet by Jon Prosser: iPhone 12, the New iPad, October. Whether it is presentation or the actual availability on the market the source does not specify, however.

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— Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) July 29, 2020