Google try Samsung with “an offer they can’t refuse” to prioritize Assistant and the google Play Store? @BitFeedCo.

Even though it has in the smartphone market (Pixels), of dongle media (Chromecast) and wearable (Pixels Buds), the main revenue of Google derive from the search engine and Assistant (to take advantage of the advertisements of AdSense). It goes without saying that having your own search engine and Assistant in as many smartphones as possible is the best strategy that Google can follow to increase their revenues.

In this regard, we remind you that according to reports from Reuters and Bloomberg, Google has started a negotiation with Samsung to convince the Korean company to give priority to the Assistant and to the Play Store than in Bixby, and the app store owner.

The two tech giants are discussing a new global agreement of revenue sharing that would give Google greater control on Samsung devices.

Apparently Google is a little time urges Samsung to give more importance to the Assistant and to its Play Store on its devices. Samsung has not been receptive, however, because it is trying even to “break through” with its own voice assistant Bixby – has even provided its smartphone keys dedicated to Bixby and not rimappabili.

Questioned on the issue, a Google spokesman said: “Like all manufacturers of Android devices, Samsung is free to create its own app store, and use your digital assistant. This is one of the great features of the open platform of Android. And while we talk regularly with our partners ways of improving the user experience, we’re not going to change it. “

However, a spokesman for Samsung said: “Samsung remains committed in developing its own ecosystem of services. At the same time, Samsung is working closely with Google and other partners to deliver the best mobile experiences to their users. “

There is to say that Google would not be for nothing the first time you agree with another company to promote their services: though not officially known as illegal (is this practice anti-competitive), it is said that the Mountain View giant to pay Apple tens of billions of dollars every year to keep Google as your main search engine in the iPhone and the iPad.


Google try Samsung with “an offer they can’t refuse” to prioritize Assistant and the google Play Store? @BitFeedCo.