On the Google Store comes to the “price-matching”: a minimum guaranteed price for the smartphone Pixels @BitFeedCo.

With an initiative to reinvigorate the sales direct from your Store Google, the american giant has announced the arrival of the “price matching” in the different markets of the world, including Italy.

The “price matching” is an initiative that allows users to get a refund on a smartphone Pixels (perfect for the Pixels 4A in the arrival on August 3) in the event that, within 15 days from the purchase, another store offers a lower price.

Clearly, in order to take advantage of “price matching” on the Google Store there are several posts to be respected, first of all, the fact that the minimum price reported to Google must originate from an official dealer, both physical and online (in the case of Italy, Unieuro and Mediaworld). In addition to this, it is necessary that:

  • Your request must be made within the cooling off period the buyer.
  • The prices online must be in the same currency used to purchase the eligible product on Google Store.
  • The advertised price must be relative to the same model (same color and memory, if applicable).
  • The advertised price must still be valid when it is required the adjustment (are not issued a good substitute if the product is not available on Google Store).
  • You must provide an active link to the promotion or the web page that verifies the price. We do not accept PDF, screenshot, images, or single quotes.
  • For phones, the price matching is only available for the unlocked models for all operators; we do not do so for models of specific operators.
  • The price matching excludes: mobile phone contracts or financing agreements; special offers daily or hourly; booking offers, or trade; or wholesale prices for students; offers by mail, coupons, or gift cards; pricing errors; the set of products or articles in the newspapers; assistance or services combined; articles in liquidation, in open package, reconditioned or second-hand products sold or shipped by the sellers to third-parties on the web sites of competitors.
  • Google reserves the right to refuse a request for price matching if you suspect fraudulent activity, or unauthorized by the dealer.
  • Only 2 requests per customer per model.

In short, not really un0iniziativa linear part of Google even if it is a benefit not just for those who have had the misfortune to buy a smartphone in the previous days a great offer to be part of the official dealers.

On the Google Store comes to the “price-matching”: a minimum guaranteed price for the smartphone Pixels @BitFeedCo.