A new Apple MacBook Air could be closer than expected: in the last few hours has been certified a battery, either at the 3C (China Compulsory Certification) of china is at the UL Demko in denmark. The code name is A2389, and is unpublished; the technical specifications, i.e. 49,9 Wh to 4.380 mAh, and 11,39 V, make one think of a drive for a laptop. The precise model is ideal for the MacBook Air: the model currently on the market has a battery similar.

Apple has already introduced a new family of MacBook Air, this year; but it has also announced a revolution as epochal – that is, the step processors, and Apple’s Silicon – and there are many indications that the early models with the CPU based on the ARM architecture may already arrive by the end of the year. The transition period, according to the roadmap of Apple, will last two years, at the end of which on the all-new MacBook in the trade you will not find a trace of Intel chips. Who knows, maybe the change does not help with the management of the temperatures, which according to our latest review continues to be the true Achilles heel of the Air.