Apple is planning a new accessory which would allow two ipads to connect with each other to create an experience more similar to that of a notebook.

brevetto ipad notebook

The patent “Modular multiple-display electronic devices” filed today with the patent and trademark Office of the United States explains that, when two ipads are connected together via this accessory, one might be used as a display and the other as the dynamic keyboard.

The accessory consists of two small connectors at the hinge, with the movable parts mechanically fixed on both sides. The connector would also facilitate the transfer of data between the two devices, so that they can work in unison as a single system.

The user may take advantage of this accessory to use the iPad like a book, with two display vertically.

bevetto due ipad

The idea of Apple is to allow the transformation of two iPad’s in a kind of notebook, even if the operating system would always iPadOS and not a particular version of macOS.

What do you think of this idea?