We have tried to Cover C200, a security camera cost-effective but capable of offering performance and higher functions compared to many other models.


Tapto is the trademark of Tp-Link was born in 2019 to identify the entry-level of the company for the smart home. In the box we find the security camera, the power supply, the manual, the wall mount and the screws.

confezione tapo c200

I cover C200 is a camera home security Pan/Tilt Wi-Fi is designed to have a complete view of the whole room. What you need to do is to install Cover C200 in the most sensitive points of the house, such as the entrance or the garage, in order to best utilize its functions. The assembly is very simple and you can choose to apply it to the wall, taking advantage of the screws and the support, or simply poggiandola on a flat surface such as that of a mobile at the entrance.

Once connected to a power source, just download the free app I Cover the Room and follow the instructions on the screen of the smartphone to connect to the home network. The interface of the application allows you to display 4 frames in contemporary, while to view the historic recordings – archived according to date and time – just click on the video box, and select the one relevant to the device you want (if you have more than one of the series I Cover) in order to have a shot more detailed.

tapo c200

The camera is equipped with lens, pan/tiltwith rotation in horizontal 360° and vertical 114°, able to cover a good range of vision both day and night, thanks to night vision infrared 850 nm up to 8 metres. In the case of detection of suspicious in the house, the device will send instant notifications on user’s iPhone. It is also possible to remotely activated light and sound effects to scare any unwanted guests.

videocamera tapo c200

I cover C200 also integrates the function of Privacy Mode, which allows you to close physically the camera lens, so as to enable the monitoring of the home environment only when you want it. All the videos can be stored on a microSD card up to 128GB (not included in the package).

It is therefore a very attractive product, considering the price, thanks to its many features. The camera can support the function of pan and tilt and can inform us when it detects motion. I cover C200 , however, is not water resistant, so it can be mounted outdoors without adequate cover.

The videos are recorded at 1080p and 15fps (H. 264) quality is not exceptional, but it is good to check the house at night. The auto exposure works very well and supports a dynamic range is rather wide with an overexposure to a minimum. Of the day, the image is sharp enough, and you can see the precise details of the image, while at night you lose something because the video will only be in black and white (up to 8 meters of distance). The app also allows you to zoom in to a precise zone simply by tapping twice on the screen.

videocamera tapo

The app is really easy to use and well designed, with a delay in the images displayed on the screen of 1-2 seconds, which are on average with many other cameras, even more expensive. The function of motion detection is enabled by default on the app Cover and allows you to select the area in which you want to enable tracking. We can also choose whether to record continuously or only when motion is detected. In this case, the iPhone will receive a notification with a lot of videos that show what happened in the last seconds. The app allows you to add up to 32 cameras to Cover.

With theaudio two-way, with a speaker and a microphone, we can not only listen to the noises coming from our house, but also to talk to the remote using the app for the iPhone (for example, to reassure a pet left at home). Really high the maximum volume of the speaker built in.

I cover C200 is available in offer for only 29,90€.


I cover C200 comes with an app that is really well done for managing this valuable system of video surveillance in the home. Excellent quality video day, top of many camera, more expensive, less at night. Shame about the lack of water resistance and for hardware specifications the average level.

  • Design
  • Utility
  • Configuration
  • Video quality
  • Quality/price ratio