Twitter paid? A first test at the end of 2020 @BitFeedCo.

After the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica and the subsequent controversy about the tracking too aggressive on the part of Facebook towards its users, emerged in the network a hypothesis quite imaginative of a “Facebook fee” and is devoid of advertising: although nothing has been officially confirmed, it seems to be more likely if it draws attention to Twitter.

During the quarterly meeting of the company to discuss earnings, CEO Jack Dorsey has told investors that Twitter is in the early phase of exploration of ways to expand sources of revenue, including a possible option of paid subscription for users.

Dorsey said that this could potentially be added to the side of the usual level for free supported by advertising, commenting that it has “very high when we ask the consumers to pay for aspects of Twitter“.

If all goes well, we might see the new model of subscription in the first test by the end of the year. There are no indications of how it would be, even if it’s probably safe to bet that the subscribers may have an experience entirely devoid of advertising.

Twitter can be terrible, but it is also one of my favorite ways to communicate messages and thoughts on the network, follow the latest news and discuss on their favorite topics. The company has had many ups and downs in recent times in terms of revenue (users increasing but revenue in decline), so it makes sense that have started to study alternative means to generate revenue.

We’ll see how to evolve the situation, rest assured that Twitter will not act in an impulsive way for any changes so drastic on your platform.


Twitter paid? A first test at the end of 2020 @BitFeedCo.