Mediatek puts in the crosshairs the Snapdragon 875: Dimensity 2000 to 5nm in the arrival in the 2021 @BitFeedCo.

With the number of SoC Dimensity, Mediatek has relaunched as never before in high-end and in the middle one, leading the market, especially in providing the chip with access to the networks 5G, and with an excellent quality / price ratio. In 2021, the pursuit of the company will not stop of course, so much so that have emerged since the first rumors on the new Mediatek Dimensity 2000.

For now, don’t know nothing official, but rumors indicate that there will be an important generational transition between the current Mediatek Dimensity 1000 and the new Mediatek Dimensity 2000: the production process.

While the current SoC, the top of the range is manufactured by using a manufacturing process to 7nm, the new Mediatek Dimensity 2000 should adopt the process in a more innovative and 5nm, improving both in terms of performance and in terms of energy efficiency.

Remember the fact that the reduction of the size of each transistor corresponds to two different parameters positive:

  • By making each transistor smaller, you can enter more in the same area;
  • Being able to have more transistors, you can achieve the same power at lower frequencies, decreasing simultaneously both the demand for energy that the production of heat.

Although we don’t have any certain information, it is very likely that the production of the new Mediatek Dimensity 2000 will be entrusted to TSMC, which now has much more productive capacity, having regard to the frost created by Huawei.

Currently, MediaTek has launched the sequence of SoC Dimensity 1000 series, Dimensity series 800 and 700, occupying a key position in the smartphone market 5G of medium-high. Among other things, a few days ago it was announced the chipset Dimensity 720 to further strengthen the mid-range and short-term waiting for the new series Dimensity 600 and Dimensity 400 intended for entry-level smartphones 5G.


Mediatek puts in the crosshairs the Snapdragon 875: Dimensity 2000 to 5nm in the arrival in the 2021 @BitFeedCo.