LG V60 ThinQ, we have recounted in our review, is a smartphone at the same time very conventional and very original. Taken by itself, as a single unit, is characterized by a sober design and without frills, but with the accessory Dual Screen that adds a cover with a built-in secondary display, everything changes, and becomes a product of the original (beyond the taste) and unique in the market. Beyond its peculiarities, remains the flagship of LG, and then the device from which you expect more in all aspects, camera included.

DxOMark has analyzed the module’s photo-V60 ThinQ, composed of a main sensor 64 MP with f/1.8, PDAF and OIS, one ultrawide 13 MP and a depth of 0.3 MP. How well does the proposal of LG compared to the other top of the range?

Apparently, not too well: with a score of 103 points to the camera compartment and 93 points for the video, has received a vote total equal to 100. Which puts him 28 points for the kings in the overall standings, Huawei P40 Pro, and in general far away from the other top of the range in 2020. In fact, there is a point below even the Google Pixel 3a which in order to be a mid-range, remember, has always stood for performance cameras excellent) and the new iPhone IF Apple, which just like the Google device only fits one camera (the iPhone 8, for that matter), and the tip on the software integration.

This is not , however, unlike what it might seem, a repetition of itself: the analysis of DxOMark states that V60 ThinQ has the defects of macroscopic or particularly relevant, simply does not excel in any field, and is on the whole back compared to the top range of other manufacturers.

To weigh in on the scale there is, for example, the absence of a telephoto lens, the excessive noise and loss of detail from the zoom, and a limited dynamic range. Also the detail of the video did not impress. But there are only shadows: and it is in fact in good light conditions that V60 ThinQ gives of his best. For DxOMark in these scenarios, the details are very good, as is the color rendering and white balance. Also promoted the autofocus and stabilization during video recording. And speaking of lights, the flash exposure is recorded satisfactory results. Even if it is not enough to shine the flagship of LG.