Halo Infinite is not called to this case, or only to deceive. Agree, will not last forever, but for at least ten years, yes. The plans of 343 Industries for the title, in fact, are not the same of the previous chapters. It was revealed in the Study Head Chrirs Lee in an interview with the colleagues from IGN USA:

Halo Infinite is the beginning of our platform for the future. We want Infinite to grow over time, instead of going forward and releasing new chapters numbered and carrying on that type of segmentation that we had previously. It is to do Halo Infinite the basis of the next ten years of Halo, and build the game together with our fans and to the community”

In short, Halo Infinite will be a chapter of turning point for the series. Not only is it a new game, but a platform which over the years will continue to be supported, to grow, evolve and mutate. Some time after the launch, for example, how do they know 343 Industries will upgrade for free to Xbox Series X which will bring up the Ray Tracing.

The trailer, the first of many that we saw yesterday during the Xbox Games Showcase (without forgetting the ones shown in the pre-show), showed some sequences of the gameplay and not properly impressed on the technical side: for example, it was the next-gen lighting is guaranteed by the Ray Tracing. We are in front of a game graphically solid, it is obvious, but is missed the wow effect, something that leaves sense the potential of the new generation. Halo Infinite will, in fact, as a title cross-gen, and that is, that will be available not only for the new console of Microsoft, but also for the Xbox One. If nothing else, this is not one of those trailer “smart” that we used to see in the last few years, with games that at the time of presentation have a certain impact on the chart, and then they come on the market reduced.

The marketing manager of Xbox Aaron Greenberg, in a conversation that has followed the show with the face of IGN Alanah Pearce, has pointed out that the one we have seen is a version of the game away from the final, full stage of development. The title, apparently, show significant changes from one week to the other, and Greenberg assures that the output – scheduled for the end of 2020 – would not be able to do to improve.