Garmin, the brand important when we talk about wearable devices, and smartwatch for athletes, has been forced to stop its services due to an attack of ransomware.

This is what emerges after the first reports circulated in the evening of 22 July, when many users began to experience problems syncing their devices with the services offered by the company. At the time Garmin has not officially confirmed the exact cause of the problem, attributing the whole to the maintenance of the platform. But the motivation is not convincing, also taking into account the large number of services affected and how long it will take to restore them.

You currently appear offline to the official site, the synchronization service, Garmin Connect, different navigation database, and even the customer service (call center included).

The hypothesis ransomware has been suggested by ZDNET that talks about the encryption of the internal corporate network and also stresses how the attack has also affected some production lines in the asian region. Apparently the manufacturer, which formally confirm the problem, will not be able to solve the problem before 25 July.