Apple Maps is sending push notifications to remind travelers of quarantine prior to 14 days after an international journey, according to the guidelines of the CDC.

Such notification, clearly, is not sent randomly to all users, but it seems that it is sent exclusively to those who recently carried out an international journey. How does Apple get these data? Probably the notification is sent to all users who have recently transited at an airport. Any other data would seem to be involved, and also because Apple has always been very careful to protect the privacy of the users.

The notification in question also includes a link to the guidelines of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in the theme of travel.

In addition to this push notification, which allows you to Apple Maps to advise the quarantine, please note that Apple maps will also show the positions of the locations in which they are made, and the test for the COVID-19, in order to help users to carry out a test if they begin to show the first symptoms of the coronavirus. The positions of the seats of the test will be indicated with a special icon.

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