Google is testing a new feature for the Assistant: it is called “Family Bell“, and currently is in testing phase only in the United States, and only for a very small number of users. Including colleagues from Androidpolice, thanks to which we can give him a look, and understand what it is. The idea is that, more than a wake-up call, a “bell”like that of recreation: taking advantage of smartphones and devices like the Google Home, Nest Home Nest Hub, “Family Bell” will be able to notify at the same time more people – a family group, for example – the beginning or the end of some of the activities.

This way you will not sgolarsi to alert all that the time has come to have lunch: we will think of the smart device, through this new function of the assistant Google. The range of preset options is rather vast, and includes study, work, but also physical activities and recreational activities such as stretching or a session of music. Of course, you can also customize your own reminders-to-measure.

Of course, it will be possible to use them in a “lonely”: but the sense of this new functionality seems to be in the name, and that is in providing a system of notification for a group of people that is, however, independent of the calendars and the appointments of the individuals involved. We do not yet know, however, if and when Google will release it in a definitive way this new option.