According to a new report of UserTesting, the streaming service Apple TV+ is placed at the last place of the ranking, which assesses the experience and the satisfaction of our customers.

Apple TV+

With regard to the degree of satisfaction of the customers, the streaming service Apple has obtained a score of respectableand equal to 83%, and slightly lower compared to 87% of HBO, Max, and Amazon Prime and 90% of Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu. 46% of the respondents said that the Apple TV+ has met the expectations, 27% said that the service was not at the height, and another 27% said that, on the contrary, has exceeded expectations.

Unfortunately, the second indicator is not so positive. In fact, 40% of the respondents stated that he is not inclined to go back to the Apple TV, preferring other streaming services video as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Apparently it seems that the Apple TV+ is not able to make inroads among the people, so much so that – according to data from MoffettNathanson – streaming service Apple is present in the homes of approximately 7% of american households. The number is really low when compared with Netflix, which is present in about 73% of the families, and Amazon Prime, which is present in about 51% of the households. Disney+, which was launched at about the same time Apple TV+, is already present in 28% of the households.

Despite these negative data, you have to break a lance in favor of Apple, which has decided to rely exclusively on original titles, without then bet on the franchise’s established how did Disney+. For this reason, the streaming service Apple will need time to get an audience, but we do not doubt that this will be done in a short time, given the huge success of series like “The Morning Show” and “defending Jacob“.