A few days from the official launch of Ryzen 4000 G Series with integrated graphics, AMD has not yet provided information on prices of the new APU-based desktop architecture Zen 2, and integrated Radeon graphics.

The first details on the prices of Ryzen 4000G arrive once again by the famous leaker momomo_US that, in a post on Twitter, the public that looks at all the effects a slide inside AMD that makes reference to the new manufacturer’s price list in the united states.

The table found to follow includes only three models of Ryzen 4000G – Ryzen 7 PRO 4750G(E), 5 PRO 4650G(E) and Ryzen 3 PRO 4350G(E) – products that apparently will be, however, addressed exclusively to the OEM, at least for the moment. The prices are quite interesting, and start from $ 149 usd for Ryzen 3 PRO 4350G/AND, passing to the 209 dollars for the esacore Ryzen 5 PRO 4650G/AND.

The flagship model of the 8 core/16 thread, Ryzen 7 PRo 4750G/E (65/35W) will cost apparently 309 dollars, a price that is really nothing wrong if we think that the Ryzen 7 3700X (8c/16t) for a place with a 329$ price (but without the iGPU).

According to reports from HardwareLuxx also, AMD has confirmed that the online Ryzen 4000G is intended only for the OEM market, and is compatible with motherboards based on chipset AMD series 500; new models of APU should arrive later and will be allocated to the segment DIY (Do It Yourself) beyond that compatible with AMD platforms series 400/500.