The iPhone 12 will return to be the protagonists of rumors are not very reassuring with regard to the capacity of the batteries fitted on the various models of the line top of the line 2020 of Apple.

To provide us with new details is, once again, the certification body SafetyKorea – already the protagonist of the previous sighting-at which it seems that have been certified battery iPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro, the two models from 6,1′, which – in addition to the diagonal measurement of the screen – should share the same units to 2.775 mAh (identified by the acronym A2431).

This detail was revealed previously by other certification bodies – more precisely, the 3C -, then the new sighting is a further confirmation of the fact that the two iPhone 6,1″ will be equipped with batteries of smaller capacity compared to the existing counterparts.

Indeed, remember that the iPhone 11 is equipped with a battery 3.110 mAh and iPhone 11 Pro from 3.046 mAh. These capabilities have allowed the two devices to offer a range of you can deepen the discussion on the review of the’11 and on that of the 11 Pro). Are measures such as switching to a SoC Apple A14 Bionic to 5nm (compared to the 7nm of the A13 Bionic) and the use of OLED panels of the new generation to compensate for these differences? This we will only know in the testing phase.

Staying on the subject of evidence, you wonder when it will be possible to touch with hand the new smartphone by Apple: also under this aspect do not seem to reach the reassuring news. The latest news is arriving from the portal to the japanese MacOtakara, which is usually to bring news from the production chain of the various companies. Its forecasts have not always proved reliable, but those of today are in line with what was reported also from other sources and analysts.

Down in the specific, there is talk of a launch event delayed to October, and the launch of the models 5G in November, while the variants 4G should be available in a few weeks from the announcement. We can then imagine an event in mid-October, i.e. approximately 1 month later than the usual schedule, even if this scenario is far from being confirmed. In the past, Apple has tried to maintain the stability of the event for the presentation of September, even at the cost to ship the terminals with several weeks (even months) away, as happened in the case of the iPhone X and iPhone XR.