iPhone 12: Here are new pictures of braided cable Lightning to USB-C

According to some rumors, the upcoming models of iPhone 12 Apple may be shipped with a new Lightning to USB cable-C, which includes a design in a fabric, braided, and today, the leaker L0vetodream has shared more images of the alleged new cable.

Apple has never released a cable with a plaited design for an iPhone or iPad, but offers a Thunderbolt cable Pro braided, a Lightning cable black braided that comes with the Mac Pro and a power cord that is braided for the HomePod.

The cables that use this type of design are more durable than standard cables with a rubber coating, but typically are equipped with additional reinforcement in the end points in which are located the heads of the cables. however, the latter are not depicted in the photos. The cables are similar to those Lightning-to-USB-C, which are designed by Apple, with the exception of the new look, braided, gray, and white.

In 2019, Apple has included a cable USB-C to Lightning with the iPhone models higher end to pair with a USB power adapter-C, while the iPhone 11 cheapest has been provided with a standard cable USB-a TO Lightning. This suggests that these new cables could be exclusive to the iPhone models 12 Pro.

The new braided cable from the USB-C to Lightning Apple could be the only accessory provided with models of the iPhone 12. Various rumors have suggested that the company will not include neither the EarPods nor charger in the package of the new devices to save on the costs of production, and is motivated by the fact that most of the users of iPhone already have a rich collection of charger and headphones.

iPhone 12

The leaker also says that the black cable shown in the images, is designed for the iMac Pro and is an updated version of the Lightning to USB cable-black comes with current machines.