A new patent published today provides some clues on the possible features of the upcoming over-ear headphones that Apple should launch by the end of the year.

apple over ear

The patent speaks explicitly of headphones with a position detection and control via gesture. As regards the first function, these over-ear headphones, Apple would be able to recognize the position relative to the ears and adjust the audio outputs without the user having to worry about putting them in the right direction.

The second function provides for an advanced system of controls, through gestures. Using a touch surface, the user would be able to activate one or more functions with the touch and specific movements, for example to increase the volume or change the audio track.

The thing can also visit is that this touch interface adapts to the position of the headphones. If, for example, put on the accessory by placing a single pavilion of the ear, and taking the other on the neck, the system is able to modify the touch interface based on the orientation and so that the user can continue to use the gesture, as always, regardless of the angle or the position of the headphones.

The company could launch its AirPods Study by the end of the year and it would be the first over-ear headphones not to mark Beats, but with the Apple logo. The code name is B515, the price provided for 349$. It would thus be of headphones, medium-high, which would be in direct competition with the proposed solutions from Bose and Sony, with active noise cancellation