TikTok is evaluating various locations as potential new site for their headquarters, including London, according to Reuters: the sources of the news agency say they have already held talks with the british government over the past few months. Not have been revealed additional details on the other locations.

The social network of short videos, whose popularity has rocketed to the stars in the last few months, is going through a period of rather delicate: ByteDance, the company that created it, is chinese, and this has generated several concerns at the international level – so much so that the United States could impose a ban within the next few weeks, while India has already done (along with many other app chinese), and the Guarantor of the privacy Italian wants the EU to investigate.

The underlying fear is more or less the same, which is putting more and more in difficulties, Huawei – which is that the chinese government uses it as a vehicle of espionage. ByteDance has already taken steps to mitigate these concerns: for example, TikTok is not available in the homeland, there is an app similar call Douyin. But it is time already that the currency of moving abroad – or, at least, to create an independent society to manage without fear the international business.

A few weeks ago, Reuters reported discussions on the transfer, directly in America, which has been followed by a campaign of assumptions, rather massive in the West. Even, the new ceo of TikTok is the american Kevin Mayer, a former executive for Disney, and was the head of the division for streaming, one of the protagonists of the genesis of the Disney+).