We are now accustomed to the ads at the last moment of Nintendo, but today it seems to break all the records: with just 10 hours before the start of the event, the house of Kyoto has confirmed that this afternoon there will be a new Nintendo Direct Mini.

The appointment is fixed at 16:00, but we’d be online on Twitch from 15:45 to accompany you in the course of the brief event (it seems that it will last a little more than 10 minutes) and comment on all the announcements that will be made. Nintendo has confirmed that this Direct will be dedicated to the securities of third parties – as the name suggests Partner Showcase used to indicate the format-so we don’t expect any update about the status of the work of the Breath of The Wild 2 or clues on the much-discussed collection of games dedicated to 35 years of Mario. Who knows, however, that this is not the occasion to receive new information on Bayonetta 3 or No More Heroes 3.

The next Nintendo Direct Mini will be the first of a series of events – as confirmed by the tweet from Nintendo of Italy that you find in Source – dedicated to party games, so we can expect new events and announcements at the last moment, even in the course of the next few weeks. We are ready to follow them with you!

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