Today we launch our new page dedicated to the streaming services! Thanks to Is Streaming it is so easy to find out on which platform to watch the desired contents, which are movies, TV series, documentaries and sports.

Trova Streaming iPhoneItalia

Is Streaming is a widget built-in iPhoneItalia, in collaboration with CompareTech, thanks to which you can search or browse for content to watch on all platforms streaming available in Italy and, possibly, compare prices and offers for discover the most convenient and suitable to the needs.

The research is really simple and offers in a few seconds all the results of interest to the query searched. Just write the name of the desired content in the search bar in order to view the platforms, prices, and have a button to connect immediately to the streaming service, perhaps to activate a free trial or to subscribe or purchase pay-per-view. Let’s give some example, so as to contextualize the potential of the tool put at your total disposal.

Want to watch the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” but we do not know on which service is available. Insert the title of the movie in the search bar, and read from, that content is available on pay-per-view on 5 platforms, including Rakuten, Microsoft Store, iTunes, Chili and Google Play, and streaming on Netflix, and TIM Vision. We can then read off the prices for the possible purchase or rental, or to subscribe to one of the streaming services, all the plans and the offers of the case. For Netflix, for example, are the three plans (Basic, Standard and Premium) with all the information to choose the one most suitable to your needs.

Same with the TV series and documentaries , but now let’s do an example with regards to the sport. We want, for example, to know which platform to be able to see the match “Sassuolo – Milan” of July 21 in the Serie A. Then we try directly the name of the game in the search bar and select the one with the corresponding date. Now we discover then that the game is not available on a pay-per-view and that you need a subscription to watch it. In this regard, we discover that this game we can see it only on the NOW TV, both in the subscription “1 Day” both in the monthly subscription, and we can order our lives accordingly.

The platforms supported by the tool Is Streaming really are many, and, in this regard, we indicate the most relevant, with details on the categories of content, the definitions available and any free trial.

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • DAZN
  • TIM Vision
  • Infinity
  • Disney+

You can find this tool directly to the link