Twitter head icons alternatives and a new splash screen on iOS


Twitteris considering offering users more options for the app icon on iOS. The company has sent a new survey to the members of the program Twitter Insiders to gather feedback on the new design of the icons.

As we can see in the image, mini top, the company is collecting feedback on four different icons, one of which is the current default icon for Twitter for iOS. The purpose of the survey is to understand which icons they prefer users and the results may affect future icons available within the app.

iOS and iPadOS, allow developers to offer a collection of app icons, and this is apparently what Twitter is trying to draw with these additional options. In theory, the company could add a new setting in the app for iPhone and iPad that allows users to choose one of these custom icons instead of using the default one.

Twitter is also testing a new splash screen:

Of course, the social network is still dealing with the consequences of an incredible attack by some hackers, which occurred at the beginning of this week, which has seen the compromise the accounts of Apple, Elon Musk, Barack Obama, and others. The company said that it has not been stolen passwords in this breach, but the hackers have used a tool within obtained by an employee of the company.

Which icon do you prefer?