With the new update, available today, Skype also active on the iPhone feature that allows you to blur the background during a video call.

Thanks to the feature of blur of the background, users can easily hide this behind their backs during a video call on Skype. This is a new very useful in this period in which many people and many companies, working from home, seen that by blurring the background, the interlocutors may not be able to see the details (and the disorder) of a room, making it much more professional the video call. The function is also useful for security reasons, for example to obscure the writing on a whiteboard in the office.

The blur of the background on Skype it uses artificial intelligence to detect human forms and keep them in focus during the call. This technology is also designed to detect hair, hands and arms, so as to provide a perfect result, during video calls with blurred background.

Skype is available for free on the App Store.