The dark theme is a recurring theme when it comes to Google apps, though many of them have already received – : the last in chronological order is in Google Earth – many not yet support the automatic synchronization, that operates in accordance with the theme chosen for the system.

The famous keyboard Gboard is among these, however, in the last beta update released just recently, he started up the automatic switching between dark and clear, depending on the settings of your system.

Among the themes to choose from, there is also the option “System Drive”, which as mentioned above, activate automatic sync: if you have dark mode enabled on your smartphone with Android 10, it will be dark, also the interface of the Gboard. The same applies of course for the light mode.

The activation, it would seem, however, to be linked to an update server-side, in fact, many users have the latest beta of Gboard, report of not being able to view this option.