Greyhound, the new movie with Tom Hanks, is available officially from Friday, exclusively on the platform Apple TV+. The company from Cupertino has released today a new trailer of the highly anticipated film is finally available.

tom_hanks greyhound

The new trailer offers a closer look at the dangerous mission faced by Greyhound, a high-risk mission in the middle of the atlantic ocean.

The new “Inside Look: High Stakes at Sea” shows the great pressure on the men to board, a pressure resulting of course from the constant risk of losing his life in battle. Tom Hanks has approached the experience of film to that of a sheep fleeing from a wolf pack analogy decidedly realistic view of the situation experienced by the crew of the Greyhound.

In the video also some passages of the film director Aaron Schneider and co-star Rob Morgan. Remember that at the time the film still does not have a dubbing in Italian, which, however, should arrive shortly. Please note that is available on our pages also the full review of the new electrifying movies available on Apple TV+.