The App Store is enriched with a new interesting RPG, with a battle system rosters and graphics captivating. Emergent Brazil is finally available for our iOS devices.

emergent fates

In the new title developed by megaphemeral limited players take the role of Rasch, a young student fresh out of the academy of warriors catapulted suddenly in circles for a adventure made of demons, and political intrigue. The adventure will take you to discover some of the stories in the most obscure and secret of the world that surrounds you.

The game offers a combat system in shifts , but above all a graphic very pleasant, made in 2D, with the help of watercolors for a final result of great visual impact. The component RPG port it also offers a wide customization of their alter ego with many classes and equipment available.

emergent fates gameplay

The title is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and requires iOS 9 or later. You can download it for free but to play the full adventure will be requested and the in-app payment of 6.99 euros a time. We leave you the trailer of the title, good vision!

Emergent Fates – FREE