The new Nest Home certified by the FCC and in Japan @BitFeedCo.

Google is focusing a lot on the Assistant and, consequently, on the smart speaker. Initially belonging to the Google family Home, now, for this category of products falls under the brand Nest. After having focused on models with the display and the new generation of Nest Mini, the american giant is preparing for the launch of the Nest Home.

The Nest Home would probably be presented during the Google I/O, 2020, the event that, however, was cancelled (both the physical version and online). The pandemic has undoubtedly upset the roadmap, so much so that the first official information we are having just now.

A new Google device with the model number GXCA6 has just passed through the FCC, but with a lot of details, most succulent hidden behind a confidentiality request. Without such information, it could very well be the new set-top multimedia box with Android TV (code name Sabrina). However, thanks to leaker @androidtv_rumor who has also identified at an institution in japan, where they had not been advanced requests for confidentiality, we got to take a first look at the device.

To say that it has a strange shape it is to say little. The Nest Home shown in the image shows the external appearance of the current Nest Mini, with the fabric that covers the entire body. However, the shape is quite odd, to the point where it seems like it might easily tip over.

Nest Home

In the images we can see from the ruler which is of a length about 220 mm, which makes it considerably higher than the original 143 mm and even 200 mm model Home Max. The hope is that one dimension is so high, it also means having a portfolio better audio than the current model.

Among the other characteristics, we discovered that the new speaker Nest Home will have a power supply owner’s 30W, so it has no USB-C.


The new Nest Home certified by the FCC and in Japan @BitFeedCo.