“The Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet” was one of the greatest successes of Apple TV+ and it increases the wait for the second season. Unfortunately, the situation caused by the epidemic of COVID-19 is not helping and the cast and crew of the show discussed it in an interview with Variety.

The star, co-creator and executive producer Rob McElhenney was joined by co-creator Megan Ganz and Charlotte Nicdao (“Poppy”) for an interview which is available both in video and in text.

I, Meg, and David Hornsby spent much time on the Zoom taking care of the second season… We finished the script but in the meantime, the entire world has changed. At that point we realized that we didn’t have much to do, so we thought that we needed to do something, and we shot an episode in quarantine.

This has led to what proved to be a episode excellent, the shooting of which were performed from home, using an iPhone. The episode quarantine was broadcast on the Apple TV+ the last of 22 may, but this goal is not easy, especially for the actor F. Murray Abraham, who plays the eccentric C. W. Paciock.

We sent them an iPhone, with which it had never ventured before. We entered all on Zoom, and logging-in ,the first thing that I noticed is that there were two windows in the Murrat on the screen. In some way, she had logged in twice and we were trying to figure out how it had happened… But it was great and our team was very patient, guiding them step-by-step and showing him how to put all the apps on his phone and all the settings. What we were asking for was technically complicated for him, so much so that he called accidentally the emergency number twice.

If you want to take a look at the entire interview you can head over to Variety. How many of you are waiting for the second season of the Mythic Quest?