The functionality of the Dualsense and, in particular, tactile feedback , leds, and triggers adaptive, to ensure a level of involvement never experienced before, at least according to Young Horses, the development team Bugnsax.

Speaking with IGN, Phil Tibitoski and Kevin Zuhn of Young Horses, in fact, have explained how their game will benefit from the characteristics of the controller of PlayStation of 5, praising in particular the tactile feedback (haptic) that will allow the player to perceive sensations always different, such as, for example, the difference between the run on the grass or surf on water.

Thanks to the features next-gen of the Dualsense, users will be able to understand, through the vibration, where does it come from a noise or a sound. The leds will be used instead to allow one to perceive danger, while triggers adaptive L2 and R2, will be feeling the tension of their actions when using, for example, the traps.

Until now all of the consoles have supported the vibration, a function very interesting that you can increase the level of involvement, but I’ve never tried anything like the haptic feedback of the DualSense.

Bugnsax, shown on the occasion of the reveal of the games for the PlayStation 5, it will be an extravagant adventure first-person narrative with legendary creatures, half insect and half snack. Here is the official trailer.