A successor of the first smart speaker Google may finally be in the pipeline. A device with code name GXCA6 has just been certified by the FCC in the USA and its japanese equivalent – it is because of this that we can admire in the photos are reasonably detailed, see below.

Unfortunately does not reveal many technical details about the speaker. It is interesting that it has a shape very different from the model that (probably) will replace, and that is on the market virtually unchanged for the past four years. The orientation is always vertical, but the section of the base is much more oval than in the past. The size, as obtained with a certain approximation, reveal a good product at the top of the Google Home original: about 220 mm, against 143.

The fabric reminds a lot closer than we saw with the most recent products of the family Nest, the Home – think of the Google Home Max or Nest Mini of the last generation. We say that is clearly a part of that family, while still retaining a certain individuality. The base is in the silicone hard to ensure all the stability you need.

It is interesting to observe that it will be the rear to be more “lively”, at least judging from the photos: in the bottom right you will find the port for the charger (proprietary connector, no USB-C), a little over the top in the center there is the logo of Google and towards the top there is the physical button to mute the microphone. Typically, the devices Google Home have touch controls at the top or in front, identifiable by LEDS placed under the fabric, but being in the photos, the device is turned off, we have no way to confirm the existence nor the location.

It is worth remembering that little more than a couple of weeks ago there was some rumors about a smart speaker Nest “unpretentious side audio quality, which is placed “between Google’s original Home and the Max” and the shape is similar to the Sonos One. It is difficult to establish, on the basis of a description so brief, if it is the same device discussed in this article or not.

At the moment we have no idea when Google intends to introduce this new smart speaker – that in all probability will adopt the brand Nest, as all the products of this category – but it is worth remembering that towards September/October is held the hardware event annual where are unveiled the main innovations. It is also possible that the initial plan was for a launch on the occasion of the I/O 2020, but because COVID-19 has been canceled.