A new clip with a duration of three and a half minutes, offering viewers a look at the “Greyhound”, the first release scheduled for tomorrow.


The preview, posted on the YouTube channel of Apple TV+ shows Tom Hanks speak to the public on the importance of the film. In the clip explains the premise of the film and its representation of historic events, in particular the way in which the allied ships were attacked by submarines the nazis.

Set during the second world war, Greyhound tells the story of Captain George Krause, a navy officer who leads an armed international vessels on a mission to deliver troops and supplies to the allied forces during the Battle of the Atlantic. On the way, Krause has to fight personal demons and doubts about himself in order to become an effective leader of the destroyers of the navy.

Initially it was reported that Hanks was disappointed by the release of “Greyhound” on the Apple TV instead of in theaters. However, he later clarified that Apple has saved the movie, allowing anyone who has a subscription Apple TV+ to watch it.

Stephen Graham, Rob Morgan and Elisabeth Shue’s acting alongside Hanks. The film will be released on Apple TV+ the 10 July.