The ecosystem of Mark Zuckerberg and intended to integrate more of the systems that compose it is certainly not a novelty today, and saw that the “revolution” started at the beginning of 2019. However, it is true that in recent times the signs of unification are stepping up, showing that something, in short, will change.

And’ WABetaInfo to whet the curiosity of internet users referring to some tweet that the Italian developer Alessandro Paluzzi had posted last month about the integration of the services. On the basis of these information have emerged that more news, which, in summary, we report follow:

  • Instagram will advise you to install Messenger on their smartphones in such a way as to integrate the two social services
  • two users can communicate using two different platforms, one WhatsApp, other Messenger. This has emerged from a local database to Facebook built to handle the messages and services with other users of WhatsApp.
    The following image reveals some features that will be implemented in Facebook. In particular, the social will have access to information like black lists of WhatsApp, a property of the chat, the sounds of push notifications, the members of a group, and profile picture. It is not possible that Facebook can show the content of WhatsApp messages, saw that by 2016 are protected with encryption end-to-end. If the conditions will change from here on out, it is not yet given to know.

The user can disable the integration? There will be a database that is fully integrated between the platforms? What does all this mean for privacy? These are the questions that will be answered only when (and if) the development will be finished. Be careful, though: the u.s. FTC oversees the integration, worried about the position of monopoly that ecosystem, Zuckerberg could take.

Credits for the opening image of: Pixabay