Time of new wearable for Huawei: in the last hours have emerged the first information is of a smartwatch, which could be Mate Watch and a smartband, that should be the heir of Band 4 and/or Band 4 Pro.

The details shared by the source are, unfortunately, very scarce. We have the code names, respectively, BE and the FDS or Fides, and an image placeholder associated to each one. Under this aspect, it is no surprise: the watch is round in shape while the smartband is an elongated rectangle, with a circular button in middle bottom, to help the user in navigation of the interface.

We have no evidence that he is actually the Mate’s Watch, but it is the only concrete name that has emerged in the last period. According to the rumors, this might be the first wearable based on HarmonyOS, the operating system introduced last summer, which aims to become the universal platform for all the products of the chinese giant. Smartphones and tablets included, even if the road ahead is still long.