Not only do we return to take a look in the skies of Microsoft Flight Simulator, after some time since the last gallery of images, but there are also two video clips and, above all, the knowledge that the closed beta is close. The 9 July , in fact, will be revealed the date of launch, which is expected by the end of the month.

Also, announced a partnership with FlightAware to the end of replicare the real-life air traffic within the game. Imagine that you see an airliner passing high in the sky above you, out the window, and crossing from close to the same time on the screen of the PC: beautiful, no? And speaking of beauty, perhaps we should take a look at the new images of the latest alpha version, which technically are already able to impress. In particular, the yield of the climatic conditions, and the presence of the volumetric clouds, it is really accurate.

Quality attested also by the short video clips that are shared on the network by the user Speedwobiz: the first shows a huge bank of fog that invades the bay of San Francisco, timeplapse, while the second is a landing sequence with a storm flashing in the background. Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released for the PC and Xbox One, but we still do not have a precise date.