After the TikTok and the new alerts on iOS 14, LinkedIn ago know that will interrupt the continuous access of the app to the Clipboard on the iPhone, after a user has highlighted this practice apparently invasive of privacy.

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As reported by ZDNet, LinkedIn said that this behavior is a bug , and that access to the Clipboard on the iPhone has been activated to carry out a “control association” between what the user is writing at that moment and what is present in his Clipboard. The CTO of the company Erran Berger has not however explained why this control was necessary even without a valid reason, adding only that the continuous access to the Clipboard whenever a key is pressed is a bug that will be solved soon: “In any case, we will not store nor transmit the contents of the clipboard to a third party“.

Here is LinkedIn copying and pasting from my notes app “Bear”

— Don 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘮 urspace.I (@DonCubed) July 2, 2020

The behavior of the app, LinkedIn has been discovered thanks to a new feature of iOS 14, which warns users when an app accesses the Clipboard. This feature has allowed users to identify behaviors that are questionable to the various apps that seem to copy the contents of the clipboard each time you press a key.

A fix should be released in the next few days.