Apple may release a new iMac by the end of 2020, but nothing is certain yet. For this reason, many users who need a desktop computer you ask if it is worth to buy now an iMac, or if you wait a few months.

imac 2020

The new iMac should have frames thin, similar to those of the Apple Pro Display XDR, solid state drive, new Intel processors and Apple chip T2 never used on an iMac. The front design could remember what an iPad Pro 2020. The next model should be also the latest iMac with Intel processors (probably Core i9-10910 and GPU Radeon Pro 5300), before switching to the ARM architecture custom Apple Silicon“.

The new iMac may fit larger displays, with the old model 21.5-inch replaced by a version from 23, or, more likely, 24-inch. Nothing should change for the 27-inch iMac in terms of size, at least according to the rumor the most recent.

In fact, the wait for more is great for the design. The current iMac line is the same for many years (the last renewal aesthetic dates back to 2012), so the new models should have a very different appearance, with frames, ultra-thin, with square corners and other small improvements.

When will be released the new iMac?

Apparently, before the deadline. More and more clues seem to confirm that Apple has finalized the design and is about to start the mass production, for a planned launch between September and October. Even, there are those who expected a surprise announcement by the end of July, as happened in 2019 with the new models of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

In the past, Apple has launched important the devices through press releases and without an event ad-hoc basis, as occurred for example, a few months ago with the MacBook Pro by 16 inches, so not surprised an approach of this kind also for the new iMac. Among other things, the situation COVID-19 would make it even more difficult to organise a live event only to introduce a new model.

What we do know is that the next iMac will not have the processor Apple Silicon, as this will be the last in the series to integrate Intel processors, and perhaps this could be one of the reasons we suggest to wait.

The true revolution, in fact, there will be just with the arrival of the first iMac and the ARM, the release of which is expected between 2021 and 2022. These iMac will be able to run the app for the iPhone and iPad natively, will be even more optimized at the software level and may deliver record-breaking performance.

If you have urgent need to buy a desktop computer with macOS, and the alternatives may be, or the Mac mini recently renovated, or the current range of iMac, a design now dated, at the level of performance it offers everything users need consumer. If, instead, you don’t have this urgency, expect the presentation of the new iMac Intel and see if it is worth buying it, taking into account that you will use for several years, even after the release of the first models ARM.