Google Chrome 85 comes the 64-bit version also on Android @BitFeedCo.

Even if it was Android 5.0 Lollipop the first version to officially support the 64-bit architecture (release took place in November of 2014), the app of Google Chrome has continued to be developed in 32 bit (on iOS it is only available in 64-bit from 2017). This allows you to maintain the compatibility with the smartphones with 32-bit CPU. However, considering that for years a non-smartphone adopts a 32-bit CPU, it would not be the case to update Google Chrome to support the 64-bit architecture?

Something about, however, is moving: from Google Chrome 85, the smartphone equipped with Android 10 will automatically install the 64-bit version of the browser. Giving, in fact, a look at the current situation of Chrome:

  • Chrome 83 and Chrome 84 beta are only available in 32-bit
  • Chrome Dev 84 and Chrome Canary 85 are available in 64-bit

However, considering that in April, only about 8% of people used a smartphone with on-board Android 10, the impact is now much smaller than it could be, but at least it’s a start.

We hope that Google will expand the support for the previous versions of Android, what you should do if you want to adhere to your rules of the Play Store: the new “discipline”, in fact, indicates that all apps must be upgraded to variants of the 64-bit on supported devices by August 1, 2021. Chrome 85 should be released in stable form in August 2020, and the company has remained a bit of time to “get rule”.

Before leaving, we want to remember that Google’s Assistant, the backbone of the whole software ecosystem and the hardware part) of the company, will be the protagonist of an event (online only) which will be held on 8th July where we will discover the new features for the near future.


Google Chrome 85 comes the 64-bit version also on Android @BitFeedCo.