Black Friday for WindTre, but this time the reference is not to be of course offerings: this morning, in fact, are in course of searches and seizures at the registered office of the Rho.

The operation is carried out by the Guardia di Finanza, on the order of the prosecutor of Milan. The new single operator was created from the merger of Wind and Three to Italy last march, would be accused of charges of illegal vis-à-vis consumers. More specifically, the investigations have brought to light the charges for paid services never requested and for which the customers had not provided their consent.

At the screening there would also be the position of Vodafone and TIM, even if up to this time there were no details about any allegations. All of this would be to current theAuthority for guarantees in communications (AGCOM), informed of the facts by the authorities.

In brief, public Prosecutor, Francesco Greco, will hold a press conference in the Prosecutor’s office of Milan in the framework of which will be provided more details on the investigation. We will update the article if the emergence of information worthy of note for users.